General Buying Tips for Home

General Buying Tips for Home

Few Buying Tips for Home :


Question to be asked

Location Of Site

While choosing the location, you need to keep the following parameters in mind like proximity to the main roads, transportation services, BRTS route, Civic amenities like Airport, education institution, bank, financial institutes, garden, community hall, and auditorium within reach.


Does the property fit your budget?


The property must have an attractive and strong elevation.


All required amenities should have been provided.

Public transport

Are buses / trains easily available from the location?

Builder reputation

Does the builder have a good reputation in the market?

Availability of water and electricity

Is there a steady supply of both?

Availability of appropriate drainage system

Is there an appropriate drainage system to overcome situations like heavy raining and storm?

Hospital/Medical services

Are they available easily?


Are the security systems in place, like a professional guard or CCTV camera and other electronic systems?


You need enough space to park your own vehicle as well as visitor’s vehicle. It must have been provided by builder.

Self constructed property(SCP)

SCP is a situation where you buy a plot of land and construct a house there. All banks may not fund such projects.

Under construction property at an early stage

Many banks may not prefer to fund such projects. But if the builder is well reputed then is should not be a problem.

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