Stair Case Planning As Per Vastu

1.) In a house steps should be in the South, West or South-West. Never on the North-East side.

2.) Never keep cash almirah below steps.

3.) The first step of the stairs should not be round.

4.) The steps should never start or end from the Pooja Room, Strong room, Store room, or Kitchen.

5.) For shortage of space and open space, steps can be constructed in the South-East or North-West. It may affect the health of children slightly.

6.) If possible circular steps should be avoided.

7.) There should be roof with slope on the East or North on the top of the steps.

8.) The room, where the steps of the South-West end, should not be occupied by anyone. If so he will become sick, will have breathing problem; blood

circulation will become slow and will suffer from a disease for which medicine will be difficult to avail of.

9.) The steps for going to upper fllors and going to a cellar should not be the same.

10.) If steps are in the North-East, there will be financial losses, and business losses. The head of the family will be in debts.

11.) The steps should be such that one should climb towards the West or South and while descending one should descend towards the East or North.

12.) Preferably while climbing up the steps, they should be clockwise.

13.) The steps should never be in the Centre of the house.

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