How to Check Direction in Plot

How to Check Direction in Plot

Most of the people find it difficult to even identify the North, South, East and West directions. To make it easier for them the following is suggested.

Stand in the centre of the plot and face the early rising Sun. You are now facing East. Raise your left arm to shoulder length. It is now pointing towards North. Raise your right arm like wise. Your right arm is now pointing towards South. Your back is where the West is.

If the road is already formed and the buildings are coming up in line with the road the above directions are sufficient to proceed further. If however the lay out is not made, or in a farm house, or in a Industrial plot one has to take the help of a Magnetic Compass. The Compass can be a hand held one of approximately 2” dia. If you examine the compass you will find the following words marked in a circular scale graduated to 360 Degrees.

In the Compass ’N’ stands for North
S-for South, E for East & W for West.
NE -stands for North East, SE for Southeast,
NW for Northwest and SW for Southwest.

Thus there are eight lines passing through the centre and the angle in between any two is exactly 45 Degrees.

How to use the compass to find North

Stand approximately in the middle of the plot. Clean up an area of about 6” X 6” and level it. Take caution that there should not be any magnetic field in the

centre while using compass. Place the compass on this spot. You will find that the compass has a needle at the centre, one end of which is marked in red. The needle swings and oscillates for a while before coming to rest in some particular direction. Now slowly turn the compass so that the letter marked ‘N’

lies right below the red marked needle. Now the needle is exactly aligned on the North South Axis and the red marked end points to the Magnetic North.

Where the road is already formed and your plot is one of the plots on the road then check whether the sides of the plot align with the magnetic axis. When you rotate the compass after the needle comes to rest and locate the magnetic North as explained above, see whether the sides of your plot are in line with the axis. If not. Rotate the compass gently so that the bisector of your plot lies on the letter ’N’ the difference in degrees between the needle marked red and the letter “N’ in the compass gives the deflection of the plot in degrees. If the deflection is with in 10 Degrees then you may proceed as there was perfect alignment. It the deflection is very high then it is better to find the direction and zones as diagonal plots.

Facing of plots

People seem to believe that East and North facing plots are auspicious and South and West facing plots are not to be preferred. This is not true. No direction is good or bad in itself. We must appreciate that for every North facing plot there will be South facing plot and for every East facing plot there will be a West facing plot. If the above assumption was true then half the residents should be in serious trouble which is not supported by facts. One should understand that the South and West plots can be made and do yield best benefits when they are exploited properly. Similarly a house built on a North or East Plot against the tenets of Vaastu will give equally disastrous results. However North & East facing plots have certain inherent advantages which is a natural characteristic of the plot. This will be missing in South and West facing plot and will have to be put in at extra cost.

What I would like to assure you is that there is no need to get disheartened just because you are the owner of West/South facing plot.


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