Whether the Science of Vastu is Believable ??

Before discussing the issue whether the science of Vaastu is believable or not, let us examine the characteristics of a science. Science is a creative and cumulative record of observations and experiences based on original facts of truth; to read, to experiment and to practiced. That is why sciences are to be experimented and practiced, not just read and lodged.

Characteristics of a Science : Any science possesses the following characteristics.

  1. Rational : Based on cause and effect.
  2. Practicable : Capable of being put into practice.
  3. Permanent : Not bound by the barriers of time.
  4. Normative: Codified and governed by principles.
  5. Utilitarian : Useful to the society.
  6. Universal : Acceptable and accessible to one and all.

Let us see whether Vaastu, has got all the above mentioned characteristics, so as to be termed as a science.

  1. Rational : Vaastu is a systematic study of the geological impact of the rays of sun on earth.The geological conditions caused by the above impact, prove to be congenial for the construction of an ideal house.The above fact is amply proved by the fact that the residents of the houses possessing projections towards east, north and northeast tend to lead prosperous lives, while the residents of houses having wells or pits in Southeast, Southwest and Northwest often face worries and troubles. Since Vaastu reads the characteristics of the houses and explains their effects on the inhabitants in a scientific manner, we can undoubtedly say Vaastu is a science.
  2. Practicable : Vaastu is practicable, as it is capable of being experimented. Those who want to construct a house, can follow the characteristics of an ideal house prescribed by Vaastu and lead carefree, happy lives there in. What all they have to do is, to follow the guidelines prescribed by Vaastu, in providing doors, windows, earth, well bathroom and toilets. Further, the above characteristics can be utilised for rectifying the existing houses, which are not built as per Vaastu and reap the advantages.


  1. Permanent : The effect of Vaastu is permanent. This is also, because of the binding between the Earth and the Vaastu. The earth has been revolving around the sun, in a geostationary orbit for over 460 crore years. Its due to and into it the magnetic effect caused by its rotation. Due to the magnetic properties of earth, the magnetic needle of a compass always tends towards north. Since Vaastu is based on the permanent property of the earth, the effect of the principles of Vaastu also becomes permanent.


  1. Normative : Vaastu prescribes certain rules and regulations, which are governed by the principles based on geological conditions and the inalienable properties of the earth. For instance, sinking of a well in North-East, elevation of plot in South, are the norms prescribed by the Science of Vaastu.


  1. Utilitarian : Any science which is not beneficial to the humanity, becomes useless. Man continues to work for the invention of the items, which render his life happier and happiest. Similarly, the sole aim of Vaastu happens to be to make the lives of the individuals on earth, more and more comfortable, through habitability.


  1. Universal : The genesis of the science of Vaastu lies in the tie between the earth and the sun. Since these two planets are of universal nature i.e. beyond religion, caste, nationality etc., the science of Vaastu which studies their impact on human beings also becomes universal. Since Vaastu possesses all the aforesaid essential characteristics of a science, it can very well be termed as a science.

Science is an ocean and research is the exploration of that ocean to find out the hidden treasures of facts. Placing barriers -of any kind, on a developing science, is totally unwanted. Occult sciences like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, to some extent, can prognosticate the future of an individual but cannot change his destiny. Similarly the fate of a man cannot be altered by using talismans, or, by pacifying the baneful planets through offerings. But construction of houses as per Vasstu or altering the existing ones to suit the norms of Vaastu, are much more easier methods to pave way for a happy living.

A house constructed as per the principles of Vaastu will definitely yield good results and leads to the happy living of the inhabitant, while a house built casually without following the tenets of Vaastu, results in a great misery and unhappiness to the inhabitant. Since the science of Vaastu is secular and universal , it does not distinguish between the users according to their caste

and creed. Just as light, heat, space, water and nature do not place any restriction on their users according to their caste and creed; since the fire burns

the Brahmin and Chandala, equally, the science of Vaastu also, throws open its tenets to the humanity at large, to be utilized without any distinction of caste and creed. That being the case question ”whether the science of Vaastu is believable”, is well answered, because of its universal efficacy.


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