Various Part of house as per Vastu Shastra

Various Part of house as per Vastu Shastra

The Rishis of ancient period clearly clarified in the ‘VAASTU SHASTRA’ which things should be kept where and how to do a certain work. It has been shown in the above plan how a house should be arranged and decorated.


(1) Room for Worship : At the sun -rise the rays of the sun fall on the N.E. side of any place. So it was decided that the room for worship should be on the N.E. If any type of building is raised on the N.E, the owner of the house will have mental worry and becomes dull. So, the N.E. corner should be kept

separate only to install God’s idol and worship it . It is also advised to plant a Basil plant (TULSI) and worship it regularly except sunday.

(2) Bath Room : It is an established truth that water flow on the North, North-East and East sides. So our ancestors used to construct Bathroom on the East.Soon after taking bath in the morning , people used to pray to the Sun offering ‘Arghya’ (water offered chanting Mantras). Hence, even today, it is advised to construct bathroom on the East side only in the house or on the open place. This satisfies the rules given in the ‘VAASTU SHASTRA’.

(3) Room for Churnning Curds : Our ancestors used to churn curds with a churnning implement and separate butter from it. They used to tie the churning rod to a pole with a rope and churn curds tying another rope to the churnning rod. This was done on the East at South East corner, because East is near to SouthEast. Influence of fire is seen much in the South East . The effect of Bacteria also is very much less here. Another reason for having the room for churning on the South East is that it is very near to the kitchen.

(4) Kitchen : The presiding deity of South-East is

Agni, the God of fire. Therefore, the sages laid down the rule that kitchen should be on the South-East . According to Hygienic Science the sun-rays indirectly help leaf vegetables which contain the ingredients necessary for food. Proteins and nourishing qualities. The “Purusha Sukla”says that the people should cook food containing carbohydrates well in required proportions, offer it to the god of fire first and then eat. Whatever it may be, cooking food is a ’yagna’(sacrifice). So to avoid any danger , kitchen should be built on the South East side


(5) Place to Keep Oils and Ghee : In olden days people used to have a grinding machine to squeeze oil in the South leaving the South East . By this, it was convenient for cooks to reach oil etc. easily. But now a days it is not necessary to have a grinding machine, as there are Mixes and grinding machines run by electric current. They may be put in the South.


(6) Lounge : This should be in the middle on the South side so that the members of a family may take rest after lunch. But sages did not recommend to sleep in lounge in nights.


(7) W/C Toilet : This is to be built on the South. Now a days, the owner of the house may build the toilet attached to his bathroom. It may be constructed on the West also, but not in the S.W/N.E. under any circumstances.


(8) Study Room : In olden days it was considered good that the place on the West towards S.W. is the best one for studies. The reason is the planets mercury, Jupiter, the Moon and Venus influence the place as mentioned below.

  • Jupiter – Accelerates desire to study and curiosity to learn.
  • Mercury – Develops intelligence.
  • The Moon – Lays strength on the nerves of the brain.
  • Venus – Functions like a coordinator and makes the man efficient. Therefore the study-room must be in the West and one should sit facing N.E., East or North. The “VAASTU SHASTRA” lays stress on the point that if one sits for studies as per the directions given above, one becomes quite an expert and enlightened.


(9) Dining Hall : For taking food, the central part on the West is a useful one. Whatever one eats it is digested very easily.


(10) Room for Expressing Condolences and

Sympathy : For this purpose best place is the Western portion attached to the N.W. The reason for this is the influence of the planets i.e.. the Saturn, the

Moon and Ketu. In addition to mourning that is the most suitable place to take a quick decision. When time is short and an immediate decision is to be taken, if one ponders here over any problem, he gets the solution in no time.


(11) Place to Keep Tame Animals, Cattle and Birds : The N.W. of a plot is the best side to keep the above said living beings. Granary also must be on the same side. If the N. W. increases or decreases, it affects the health of cattle.


(12) Bed – Room : Ancient sages suggested that the place attached to the room which is towards the N.W. on the North is good to be used as a Bedroom. It is good to lie down on bed keeping one’s head on the West side, because the sun rises in the East, the presiding deity of which is Indira, the Lord of devatas (Gods). After rising from bed in the morning, if one offers

one’s salutations, turning towards the East, it amounts to offering salutations to all the Gods. It is also recommended that one may sleep on one’s bed putting the head towards the South and look towards the North. The presiding deity is Kubera, the Lord of Wealth. So it goes without saying that one is

Worshipping Kubera by living on bed facing North.

If one sleeps putting the head on the East and looking towards the West, one offers salutations to Varuna, the presiding deity of the West. The salutations benefit very much one’s philosophical thinking, belief and practice. But, under any circumstances one should not sleep putting his head towards the North and looking towards the South, because the presiding deity of the South is

Yama. Only the corpse of a person is laid on pyre, putting the head towards the North, facing the South. If one sleeps, for any unknown reason, putting the head towards the North and facing the South, one will have nightmares and sleepless nights. Today, Health Science reiterates that a man needs adequate

sleep to keep himself fit and healthy. So one has to pay heed to the rules enumerated above.


(13) Place for Keeping Valuable Things :

The best place for keeping valuable things and property is the central portion on the North. The presiding deity of the North is Kubera. So the North is the best side to keep safely most valuable things and property.

(14) Place for Keeping Medicines : Our ancestors suggested that medicines should be kept in the N.E., because the sun – rays which have

nourishing quality required for human health, fall at dawn, on the medicine and make them powerful to help human beings become hale and healthy. Today’s Health – Science also agrees to this suggestion.

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