Vastu Guideline for Strong Room

Vastu Guideline for Strong Room


  1. In the Strong room doors in the SouthEast, SouthWest, NorthWest and South should be avoided.
  2. The cash almirah should not be kept on a solid platform. It should solidly stand on a levelled floor.
  3. There should be only one door to the Strong Room of two shutters.
  4. The North being of ‘Kuber’ the Strong Room is advisable to be in the North.
  5. In the Strong Room doors on the East or North walls are very favourable. The cash almirah should not be kept in front of the North door, but it should be shifted away from facing the door.
  6. In the cash almirah, costly articles, gold, Silver and jewelry etc. should be kept on the West or South side.
  7. If cash almirah is kept in the NorthEast, there will be loss of cash.
  8. The cash almirah should be placed on its legs.
  9. In the Strong Room leaving 1” space on the South wall and avoiding the SouthEast and SouthWest corners, if the back of the ‘Tijori’ (Cash almirah) is kept towards South wall while opening the almirah, it faces the North; it is the best position.
  10. A small window should be provided in the East and North wall at a higher place.

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