Feng Shui Water Element: Flow & Freedom

Feng Shui Water Element: Flow & Freedom

Feng Shui Water Element: Flow & Freedom

It is no surprise that water, along with its naturally gentle and graceful state, can be incredibly powerful. Water is actually one of the most powerful forces of nature, with two opposing outcomes – powerful healing or merciless destruction – and this is evident when the water element is integrated into a space.

It is interesting to note that water is the only one out of feng shui’s five elements that can (and does) exist in different states, whether liquid or solid (ice) or gas (vapor/steam). Not only that, but water can be present in a variety of places – falling from the sky as rain, running or resting on the earth as rivers or lakes, and penetrating the depths of the globe as underground water sources. With such transformative powers, water element is mysterious and demands respect.

Consider this for a moment. Feng shui (wind and water) requires this element just as life as we know it requires it. What does water element feel like to you? What does it feel like in your space?

Water feng shui element is an important decorating tool when you feel disconnected to life or your surroundings, when you need a flow of ideas or creativity, when you are sick or hurt in some tangible or intangible way, or when you lack direction or purpose.

Water feng shui element is represented with blues of every hue and black. Shapes are wavy and curvy, which is no shocker because that mimics the movement of water itself. Mirrors and artwork that depict water bring in the water element to a space. Décor ideas that incorporate the metal feng shui element include fountains, water images, blue pillows or rugs, etc.

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