Feng Shui Metal Element: Clarity & Ease

Feng Shui Metal Element: Clarity & Ease

Feng Shui Metal Element: Clarity & Ease

While the love of color in décor is a very real (and necessary) thing, there is something about the color white that infuses a space with unmatchable calm, lightness, purity, freshness, and crispness. Metal element brings with it serenity and peace to a space and enhances that very energy along with it.

But it’s not all touchy-feely, this metal feng shui element. It depicts efficiency, preciseness, clarity, and discipline just as much as purity. Ironically, despite its discipline, metal element is often misused in décor. Either it is used too abundantly to create a cold, sterile (albeit pretty) space, or it is used too sparsely to create an energetic space that lacks structure or necessary visual “white space.”

Sit with that thought for a minute. What does metal element look and feel like to you? What does it mean for your space? Are you inadvertently misusing the element, swinging too far to one side of the balance spectrum?

Metal feng shui element is an important decorating tool for when you need crisp, dynamic energy or clarity of purpose and vision, when you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated, when you find yourself battling lethargy and apathy, or when you need clarity of direction.


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