Feng Shui Earth Element: Stability & Nourishment

Feng Shui Earth Element: Stability & Nourishment

Feng Shui Earth Element: Stability & Nourishment

Earth feng shui is critical in interior design. Of course, all five elements are important because they support each other and would tumble like dominoes if one were removed. But earth is particularly important for spaces that need positive energy in the areas of stability, support, trust, patience, and nourishment.

Our lives and even the world as we know it have a tendency to pick up the pace, either instantaneously or gradually, and become a hectic whirlwind of lists and tasks and responsibilities and needs. In online efforts to connect, we can find ourselves becoming more and more disconnected and isolated. Earth element in feng shui is a very real decorating tool that combats this artificial life.

Earth element, no pun intended, grounds us. We come back to ourselves in a calm and reassuring way. Our efforts, in all areas of life, are stabilized and supported within the scope of earth element. It is nurturing, protective, strong, sustaining, healing, and patient.

Note: In feng shui, the earth element is supported (or produced) by the fire element. The connection between these two elements is strong, which means that where earth element is present in your home, fire element should be present as well, at least a little bit. What does earth element feel like to you, in your life and in your space? If you feel it deadening your outlook, you might need less earth element and more fire or water element.

Earth feng shui element is an important decorating tool for when you need to feel centered and at peace, when you need support and steadiness in your creativity and responsibilities, and anyplace where steadiness and consistency will enhance your outlook. This could be in relationships, your work, or your health, which are important areas to identify so you can coordinate earth element’s usage in appropriate spaces in your home.

Earth feng shui element is represented by brown, taupe, sand, and cream (and all the colors in between). Shapes are balanced, such as a square, or wavy, and objects that incorporate earth element include crystals, stones, and pottery. You could incorporate earthy landscapes into your artwork, although remember the focus is on earth and not water or trees. Earth element décor could include pottery, taupe furniture, landscape art, and/or sandy area rugs.

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