Dinning Room Planning as per Vastu

Dinning Room Planning as per Vastu


  1. Dining Room in west is the best. In the North or East it is the second best.
  2. While eating the main person of the family should face the east while the other members may face the east, north or west; but they should not face south because it will cause small disputes.
  3. In Dining Room the doors should be in the East, West or North.
  4. The shape of Dining Table should not be round, oval shaped hexagonal or irregular shaped. It should be square or rectangular. The Dining Table should not touch the wall or it should not be in folding against the wall.
  5. Water should be in northeast of the Dining Room.
  6. Wash basin should not be in the southeast or northwest; it should be on the north or east sides.
  7. There should be no attached toilet to the Dining Room but place for washing clothes and utensils can be provided.
  8. The main door of the house and of the Dining Room should not face each other.

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