Application of Vaastu Shastra

Application of Vaastu Shastra

In the world everything, substance, man and other animals are made from the Panchmahabhoot that is the five basic elements:

  • The Earth
  • The Water
  • The Fire,
  • The Wind
  • The Sky

The five elements have close relationship with man and his environment. Nature has given them their proper place according to merit.

If we give proper place to these elements at proper places in our building we become one with Nature. Actually nature is the God. One can experience the eternal truth of nature on every step. The whole nature is overpowered with magnetic environment.

The modern man has waged a war with nature in many fields. We can see nature with our own eyes and we can experience the Panchmahabootas. Going against them would lead us to sure destruction. Taking the surroundings and the proper places for these elements into consideration, the sages and seers introduced Vaastushastra. For showing themselves rational, some people think Vaastushastra as superstitious. This is really a great misfortune for them.

In the old times maximum use of wood was made in the construction. Wood is a bad conductor of electricity and as such does not interfere with the power in environment. Today wood being very costly, minimum use of wood is made in the construction. On the other hand steel, iron, aluminium etc. metals are used on a large scale. With their divine vision the sages and seers created Vaastushastra so that a man should live a happy and prosperous life with his family.

Many a times a man purchases a place (plot) or house because it is cheap. He does not pay any attention to the usefulness or harmfulness of the same. If he purchases a place, plot or building using the principles of Vaastushastra, his economic front definitely improves and gets peace and prosperity. However, if the selection goes wrong it leads to financial losses, untimely deaths of important people, gap in the education of children etc. He then turns to God. After taking all possible measures if the position remains bad he blames his fate.

There is no denying the fact that mental peace is definitely derived if we build our house using

Vastushastra. Many a times we are living in a house which is built as per the norms of Vaastushastra. Probably we have not even heard of this science. Many a times we change our old residence and move to a new one. We do not get the same peace of mind, happiness and prosperity. On the other hand, there are clashes and financial losses. In such cases we should show the building to an expert on Vaastushastra and make the necessary changes.

Without Karma (Action) there are no fruits. But if we are not getting the returns after good Karma then, by following Vaastushastra we can remove the defects in the structure and enjoy the fruits. However, if after removing the defects in the house, we don’t do any thing, progress is not possible. Karma needs the help and support of the basic elements, nature and environment. To make changes in our building structure as per Vaastushastra is also a sort of work i.e. Karma.




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